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In the Haight, between Cole and Clayton Streets there was the Paul Boynton Chute Company's amusement park that operated from 1895 until 1902. The owner and developer of the Chutes amusement park was Charles Ackerman, who was an attorney for the Southern Pacific and the Market Street and Sutter Street railroads. The main highlight of the park was "The Chutes," which was an inclined trestle track that was 300 feet long and rose 70 feet above the ground. There were two-car tracks that took passengers to a room at the top of the slides where they would get on boats for a return ride down to an artificial lake that was built for it. In the amusement park, there was scenic railway as well as a merry-go-round and many more carnival like attractions. Ackerman as well as having all of that entertainment he operated a 3500 seat theatre within the complex. The Chutes were dismantled and reconstructed further out on Fulton Street, between 10th and 11th Avenues. The lake on the south side of Haight was drained, and Belvedere Street was extended from Waller to Haight.

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