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     Since Firestation 21 (affectionately known as Old 21) was decommissioned in the late 50s, the building served as office space and storage. For the past decade, Old 21 was used as a rehabilitation/fitness center by the SFFD. During this time, the building had fallen into a state of extreme disrepair. In October of 2004, the exterior of the building was restored to its former glory and it stands today as a tribute to the great history of the SFFD.
      In June of 2004, the fire department, due to the large budget deficit it was facing, declared the building surplus property, which is the first step towards sale of the structure. A group of neighbors fearing the building would end up private hands and closed to the community, lobbied the Board of Supervisors to prevent the sale of the building (Old 21 has a twin on Washington street, which is now a private residence and closed to the community neighbors did not want to see this happen with Old 21). At the 11th hour, during the 2004 budget battle, the firehouse was spared from sale. Despite being saved from the chopping block, sale of Old 21 is still possible.


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Old 21 Prior to Renovation