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Many neighborhood groups in the Haight Divisadero, Panhandle and Alamo Square areas of San Francisco, fully supportkeeping Old 21 in the public domain. The Community believes that the sale of this building would be a one-time method of generating income for the SFFD, but the significance of the building would be lost to the public forever. For example, Old 21 has a twin structure on Washington Street which is now a private residence (and was once occupied by former Governor Jerry Brown). As a private home, that firehouse is closed off to the public. Neighbors do not wish the same fate on Old 21. Websites such as this one and the work conducted by the students of the Urban School and others, will help build awareness of the importance of this building to the citizens of San Francisco. Old 21 is registered as San Francisco Landmark number 89 Landmark number 88 is the Palace of Fine Arts and landmark 90 is the Ferry Building, so Old 21 is in very good company and it is not likely to be demolished anytime soon. Neighbors believe that if the building were turned into a home, retail space or office, it would be an inappropriate way to remember the contributions made by the firefighters who served there.

If you are interested in learning more about what you can do to prevent the future sale of this building, please contact Richard Kay at

Meet Harold Levy who grew up near Old 21 in the early part of the last century

Why Harold Levy believes we should save Old 21

Harold Levy
On: saving Old 21
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