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The Board of Supervisors held a special session at Judge Pennie's Court room on Montgomery street, on Wednesday afternoon. All the members were present. After the meeting was called to order, the following resolution was offered and adopted:
Resolved, That Messrs. William Craine, David Farquarson, architects, and George Cofran, Superintendent of Streets, be and are hereby requested to act as a Committee of the Board, consisting of Supervisors Nunan and Ashbury, to examine and report the condition of public buildings, and to report to this Board at as early a date as possible.

Mr. Ashbury offered the following:

Resolved, That the Building Committee be requested to provide suitable rooms for the use of the various officers of the City Government, and report for the approval of this Board. Adopted.
Resolved, That the Fire Wardens are hereby requested to examine the fire-walls of those buildings which are in a dangerous condition, and notify the respective owners to immediately remove or secure the same, and erect or cause to be erected barricades in front of the same.

Dr. [R. Beverly] Cole, who came in at this moment thought that the resolutions adopted for the protection of property were not sufficiently comprehensive. He had with reluctance left an alarmed family, and his habitation, which had been nearly demolished. He desired that each member of the Board should be invested with the power to erect barricades around buildings in danger of being thrown down.

Supervisor Ashbury contended that every member had this power, but he did hope that none but architects and persons competent should be authorized to tear down walls or buildings.

Dr. Cole offered the following resolution:

Resolved, That the Supervisors be authorized to examine into the condition of the buildings in their respective wards, and where the same is necessary in their judgment, and in order to protect life, to erect suitable barricades.

This resolution was adopted, and the Board adjourned to meet again on Thursday evening for the purpose of hearing the report of the Committee.

Last night the Board was in session again, at the same place, but the Committee not being ready to submit its report, an adjournment was had until one o'clock to-day.

The Committee met in the office of the Superintendent of Public Streets, for the purpose of making up their report, but we were unable to obtain any information from them.

Daily Morning Call
Friday, October 23, 1868

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