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At a meeting of the Chamber of Commerce, held yesterday morning in their Chamber in the Merchant's Exchange, a Committee of four were appointed to collect information and make an estimate of the probable loss. Messrs. Otis, Friedlander, [William] Ralston, and [George] Gordon form the Committee. These gentlemen met at one o'clock, in the parlor of the Bank of California, and prepared the following dispatch for the east:


A severe shock of earthquake experienced here at 7:50 A.M. Considerable alarm felt at time of occurrence. A good many buildings on made-ground injured. Custom House and City Hall, both poorly constructed, badly injured, and some buildings in process of construction have fallen in. Some parapet walls falling have caused the loss of four lives. No damage to well-constructed buildings. Total loss on property will not exceed $300,000.

The President of the Chamber of Commerce, with the approval of the Committee, has given the above to the Telegraph Company, to forward over their signature to the various Chambers of Commerce throughout the East and Europe.
San Francisco Daily Morning Call
Thursday, October 22, 1868

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