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San Francisco Fire Department
Response to the Oakland-Berkeley Hills Conflagration
October 1991
Message from Chief Postel
Oakland-Berkeley Hills Fire Overview
Extract from the Minutes of the Fire Commission
San Francisco Operations

Mutual Aid Response
Central Fire Alarm Station
Communications Center
Division of Training Staging
Strike Team No. 1 Operations

Eustice and Golden Gate
Brookside Drive and Buena Vista
Reata Blvd. and Chabot Road - Rockridge Place
Grizzly Peak - Claremont Ave.
Broadway and Ocean View Drive
Broadway Terrace and Duncan

Strike Team No. 2 Operations
San Francisco Command - Oakland Division C
Alvarado Road Fire Operations - Part 1
Alvarado Road Fire Operations - Part 2
Response of Self-Recalled Personnel
Lt. Gerry Trainor
Chief’s Aide Eileen McCrystle
Lt. George Garcia
Firefighter Victoria Hayden
Chief’s Aide Len DeStefano

Operations Review and Recommendations
Response of the San Francisco Fire Department to the
Berkeley Conflagration of September 17, 1923

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