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Destruction Around Union Square

The tall steel skeleton just left of center is the Whittell Building - then known as the Union League Building - under construction at the time of the earthquake, later finished, and still standing on Geary Street.

The smaller Spring Valley Water Co. Building, just to its right, housed the City of Paris department store on the first two floors, and also survived, but was demolished in the 1980s and replaced by a Texas chain store.

The Butler Building at right, under construction at the time of the earthquake, has a most interesting history. Its walls peeled away during the earthquake and killed several people in buildings adjoining the structure on Stockton and on Geary Street. The Butler Building later became I. Magnin's, and its windows shattered during the 1989 earthquake. Several people on the street were injured by falling glass. The Butler Building is now part of Macy's.

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