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17 OCT

05:04 p - Earthquake disrupts PG&E power to Central Control. Emergency Diesel generator came on line immediately. Only systems up are Metrocom radios and DTS computers. Lighting provided by battery backup. Only four emergency phones are in service.

06:00 p - EOC communication link established with Central by A. Curtis.

08:00 p - Stationary Engineers walked Subway to assess damage. DS&RC and other systems turned off to lessen load on auxiliary power.

10:30 p - Power restored to Central Control by PG&E. All substation power restored.

11:00 p - Subway approved for non-revenue traffic. No structural damage found.

18 OCT

12:04 a - All systems powered and back on line. System diagnostics begin. Unable to reestablish power in Powell, Civic, Van Ness and Church stations.

06:00 p - All stations have full power restored. Systems returned to fully automatic.

19 OCT

07:00 a - All Central Control operations normal.

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