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OAKLAND, April 26. — This morning Governor George C. Pardee received from Salem, Ore., the following dispatch from Governor George E. Chamberlain:
    “Many children and some babies are coming through here unidentified and unaccompanied by any one, being cared for only by strangers. Can they not be gathered together at Oakland and kept together for subsequent identification? As it is, they will be forever lost to their parents.”
Governor Pardee referred the matter to the Oakland relief committee, which appointed Rev. B. Fay Mills a committee of one to make arrangements for the care of the children. Mr. Mills conferred with Colonel French of the Salvation Army, and the result of their efforts was the founding at Beulah Park, where the Salvation Army’s rescue home is situated, a camp, financed by W.R. Hearst and to be known as the “W.R. Hearst Reunion Camp for Children.” Immediate steps will be taken to have all stray children gathered there.
San Francisco Chronicle
April 27, 1906

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