Peter Mintun, Society Pianist

Peter Mintun’s music is synonymous with San Francisco society. He has performed with symphony orchestras, entertained royalty, film and stage stars, and sometimes the composers themselves.

Mintun’s piano stylings have graced elegant San Francisco showrooms at L‘Etoile in the Huntington Hotel, and Masons at the Fairmont.

Born into a musical household in Berkeley, he was one of four children. He grew up playing piano for parties, musical shows, ballroom dancing shows and silent films at museums and colleges.

His interest in the music of the 1920s and 30s helped him become one of today’s leading interpreters of popular songs composed between the two world wars – which he calls “classic melodies that transcend time.”

In 1994, he performed in the Madison Room of New York’s Palace Hotel and released his compact disc “Deep Purple.” He returned to San Francisco New Year’s Eve 1995 to conduct his society orchestra during the gala benefit for the San Francisco Symphony. Later, in January 1995, he entertained guests at the opening of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. He also performed with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra at Davies Hall for the 1995 Pops Concert.

Peter works closely with Eric Bernhoft of the Upright & Grand Piano Rolls company to produce new piano rolls of recordings by Mintun, as well as Bay Area artists Frederick Hodges and Glenn Jenks. Bernhoft developed a process that allows the latest computer technology to “punch” new rolls to operate on the oldest AMPICO, Duo-Art, and Standard 88-Note pianos.

During 1997 Peter shuttled between appearances at Masons on Nob Hill, and New York’s Carlyle Hotel, where he entertains at Bemelmans Bar.

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