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30 Faculty Members Face Evacuation

Loss of some of its most valuable faculty members who are aliens and may be ordered to leave this military area, was faced today by the University of California.

At least 30 professors, lecturers and research assistants awaited decisions regarding their future. Among them are 14 Japanese, and 16 Italians and Germans. Some of the latter are refugees from Fascist and Nazi oppression who have taken out first citizenship papers. There were hopes they might be permitted to remain in the Bay Area, but little was entertained that any Japanese would escape the Army’s evacuation program.

Among the faculty members who may be classified as enemy aliens, regardless of their political views, are Peter Pringsheim, lecturer and research assistant in physics, a former leading German chemist, and Dr. Richard Goldschmidt, zoologist, who has been in this country since 1916 and, like Mr. Pringsheim, has passed initial naturalization tests.

The Japanese faculty members include Professor Chiura Obata, assistant professor of art and curator of the Armes Collection of Japanese art at the university; Ensho Ashikaga, associate in the Japanese Department; Kazumi Kasuga, instructor of U.C. Medical School internes at San Francisco Hospital, and Kunisada Kigasu, assistant clinical professor at the medical school.

In addition to the faculty members, more than 400 U.C. students face evacuation.

San Francisco News
March 5, 1942

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