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WASHINGTON, March 27.—Ralph Townsend, former writer for Scribners Commentator Magazine, pleaded guilty today in Federal District Court to charges of violating the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

Townsend was one of six persons indicted by a Federal Grand Jury recently as agents of the Japanese Government. A Japanese, Tsutomu Obana, secretary of the Japanese Committee on Trade and Information of San Francisco, pleaded guilty two weeks ago.

Indicted with Townsend and Obana were Frederick V. Williams and Warren Ryder, San Francisco publicity men who are scheduled to come to trial on May 11, and two Japanese defendants who have fled to Japan. The latter are K. Takahashi and S. Takeuchi, who were successive chairmen of the San Francisco Japanese committee.

Townsend was once an American consular officer in China. Later he made his home in San Francisco. He is the author of numerous articles on Japanese Asiatic policies and well connected with the Japanese governmental and commercial agents on the West Coast.

San Francisco News
March 27, 1942

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Prepared by the staff of the Museum of the City of San Francisco

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of the California State Library System

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