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‘Diabolic Savagery,’ Tokio Calls Coast Evacuation of Japanese

By United Press

The Japanese radio today commented that the evacuation of 70,000 American-born Japanese from the Pacific Coast is “diabolic savagery,” and contrasted their treatment with that of the civilians in lands Japan has occupied.

“Pointing out that 70,000 American–born Japanese will be ejected forcibly from areas where they have spent their entire lives,” Tokio radio continued, “neutral observers said obviously the constitutional rights of those American-born Japanese have been ruthlessly trampled upon in the heat of resentment aroused by American political and military errors.

“The viciousness of the American Government in persecuting a helpless, strictly civilian and manifestly innocent minority will remain in history as one of the blackest crimes ever committed by the so-called great powers.

“Meanwhile other observers commented on Japan’s fundamental policy toward civilians in occupied areas, who have been allowed all the freedom possible with every consideration and protection given.

“This policy marked the vivid contrast to the diabolic savagery of the treatment given by the United States on unfortunate personages of her own citizens who have committed no sin but made the fatal mistake of being born a member of the Japanese race and living in America at a time when American egoism has had little chance of asserting itself.”

San Francisco News
March 5, 1942

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