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Two Meetings Seek to Solve Problem of Vacated Area

Two meetings for discussion of the future of ‘Little Tokio,’ the Post-st Japanese colony, were scheduled for today.

Federal authorities and representatives of real estate groups were to confer with a supervisors committee, and the problem was to be discussed, also at a meeting of the City Planning Commission.

Slum Area Feared

Both sessions were expected to consider the threat of the district developing into a slum area, and to take preliminary steps looking toward rehabilitation, if not complete reconstruction, of many of the buildings.

Health Department inspectors continued a survey of the section. They banned permits of occupancy for some of the buildings, but said they had found most dwelling units had been “kept neat and clean by the Japanese.”

There were indications the several thousand Japanese still in ‘Little Tokio’ will have been evacuated to assembly and reception centers by May 15.

In Sacramento, the state civil service board served dismissal notices on 110 permanent employes of Japanese ancestry, in addition to announcing 160 American-born Japanese have been removed from probationary and limited term jobs.

San Francisco News
April 11, 1942

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