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U.S. Aid Asked on ‘Japtown’

On appeal from the Board of Supervisors to the city’s representatives in Congress went out today after the board had endorsed a proposal, in connection with the suggested rehabilitation of “Little Tokio,” that the National Housing Agency and the Home Owners Loan Corp. lend assistance.

Skimming close to the race question, but with only inferences concerning the reported influx of Negroes and Filipinos into the area being evacuated by the Japanese, the board passed the resolution by an 8-3 vote. The area is bounded by Ellis, California, Gough and Fillmore-sts.

The Apartment House Association added its voice in a resolution calling for the treatment of the “Little Tokio” area as any other substandard area.

Although the campaign for Federal support is to be pressed, the board’s planning committee will hold further meetings on the subject, the next one Thursday at 4:30 p.m.

All parties concerned have endorsed the idea of slum clearance programs for the section, but there have been differences over whether Federal or private money should be used.

San Francisco News
April 21, 1942

What the Supervisors Did Yesterday

Referred to legislative committee Supervisor O’Gara’s resolution calling for city attorney to prepare legislation banning from city employes Japanese aliens and those of Japanese descent.

San Francisco News
April 21, 1942

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