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Jap Farm Land is Transferred

Nearly one-third of the Japanese farm lands on the Pacific Coast have been transferred to new operators under the supervision of the Farm Security Administration, L.I. Hewes, regional director, announced today.

More than 1000 Japanese farms, totaling 50,000 acres, were transferred during March, Mr. Hewes said. FSA field agents have registered 6000 farms totaling approximately 200,000 acres and have received applications to acquire vacated farms from more than 2000 farmers.

“All agricultural interests on the Pacific Coast are mobilized to meet this vital emergency and to keep these lands in production,” Mr. Hewes said.

“Keeping up production is the all-important issue and our policy of assisting all farmers and loaning money to whoever can operate the land is the surest way of seeing that essential crops are not lost.” he added.

FSA officials announced that qualified operators were urgently needed to operate the vacated Japanese farm lands and asked those interested to report at once.

The San Francisco News
April 3, 1942

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