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Most of Japs’ Lands Shifted

Sixty-nine per cent of the California lands formerly operated by alien and citizen Japanese farmers has been transferred to others for continuous production of food for victory, the Army’s Wartime Civilian Control Administration announced today.

The WCCA disclosed it had “frozen” the first Northern California farm when the landlord refused to co-operate in permitting the Japanese tenant to dispose of his equity in a satisfactory way.

On another alien front, 525 persons who mysteriously arrived aboard a ship from the West Coast of South America today were on their way to internment camps in Texas.

Accompanying them was a heavy guard of the Immigration Service’s border patrolmen. The aliens arrived here yesterday aboard a ship with “Diplomatic” lettered on the sides, to discourage possible attacks at sea. It was said the passengers included numerous Axis diplomats.

Meanwhile, some Bay Area aliens were being allowed to return to their homes in prohibited military zones. They were persons over 70 and aliens with sons serving in American forces.

Less fortunate was Mrs. Annymy Herz, 51, of Half Moon Bay, who was taken into custody by FBI agents. They said they found a rifle, two pistols, two shotguns, ammunition, two cameras and field glasses—all contraband—in her home.

San Francisco News
April 21, 1942

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