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Aliens to Be Sent to Owens Valley Center

The FBI and Bay Area police were rounding up alien Japanese again today. The seaches and arrests, said Nat J.L. Pieper, FBI chief here, were being made “on allegations of contraband and known association with Japanese nationalistic groups.”

Among those taken into custody was Maoshi Koike, at 531 Brush-st, Oakland. He was identified as a Japanese instructor of languages, an expert linguist who has taught at the University of Southern California and University of Pasadena.

Short Wave Set Found

A short wave receiving set was found at the Brush-st address. When Kikuzo Tanaka said it was his rather than Koike’s, the raiders took Tanaka in custody, too.

Also seized as members of the Japanese Military Virtue Society were Kaheiji Yokomizo, 670 32nd-st, Oakland, a cleaning plant operator, and Kikutaro Nakashima, 608 143rd-av, San Leandro, active in the Japanese association.

All were booked en route to the Immigration Station here for hearings which may send them to internment camps.

Center Prepared

Within a week the reception center at Manzanar, in the Owens Valley, will be ready to receive hundreds of alien and American-born Japanese who must evacuate the Pacific Coast military area.

More than 100 carpenters and mechanics directed by Lieut. Col. W.B. Higgins, of the Corps of Engineers, are rushing construction of the center for the Wartime Civil Control Administration. The WCCA is the military-civilian organization that will handle evacuation and resettlement problems, under supervision of Lieut. Gen. John L. DeWitt, commander of the Western Defense Command and Fourth Army.

They will be classified as to professions and occupations, and remain at the centers only until they are able to complete plans for re-establishing themselves in back-from-the-coast regions from which they are not banned by military decree.

Persons facing evacuation were warned today against “stalling” or unintentionally taking too much time to straighten our their affairs before leaving the military areas.

The next step in operation of the WCCA, General DeWitt said, will “border on enforced removal.”

The San Francisco News
March 18, 1942

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