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2 More L.A. Areas Ordered Cleared

The Army today ordered two more Los Angeles areas cleared of 2000 Japanese by noon of April 29 and announced that the evacuation of Japanese from other areas will “proceed at a rapid rate from now on.”

Issued by Lieut. Gen. De Witt, the exclusion orders said the evacuees will be removed to Santa Anita assembly center to await transfer to permanent relocation sites. The orders were the fourth and fifth in two days. All five involved 5000 Japanese.

“Army engineers are rapidly putting assembly and reception centers in condition to house evacuees and we intend to have them occupied as soon as they are ready,” declared Lieut. Col. Martin Hass, directing the evacuation.

“We cannot stress too strongly that all Japanese will be moved out of military areas and they should make all plans for settlement of their affairs without delay,” he added.

General De Witt also announced that Army engineers are already at work constructing a reception center in the Tule Lake Reclamation area. The project will house 10,000 Japanese and will be completed within 30 days, he said.

At the same time, the Wartime Civil Control Administration urged Japanese to deposit large sums of money or valuables for safekeeping before they are evacuated.

There will be no banks established in any of the centers, nor will the civilian staffs of the WPA [WRA] now operating the camps act as trustee for the evacuees, the announcement said.

The San Francisco News
April 20, 1942

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