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‘Restraint Will Be Kept to a Minimum’
Enemy aliens and Japanese-Americans, who must get out of a vast military area extending across the entire Pacific Coast and across the southern half of Arizona, today were assured they will be “allowed to lead their lives with a minimum of restraint” in areas in which they will be resettled.

When definite dates for evacuation are ordered, “all will be in readiness for orderly, humane handling of the people affected,” it was announced at Lieut. Gen. John L. DeWitt’s Western Defense Command headquarters here.

Caution Issued

General DeWitt again cautioned the aliens and Japanese-Americans against too hasty disposition of farms, shops, residences and other property, pointed out that Federal officials are being appointed to assist them in handling and transfer of their property. Until they have an opportunity to turn their properties over to an official custodian, such persons should not dispose of their possessions unless they receive full value in return, the general said.

Exclusion has not been ordered, it was pointed out, and when it is ordered by Army proclamation “there will be no mass movement of law-abiding persons on a moment’s notice.”

Possible advantages

The Army suggested, however, that aliens who are able to leave strategic military areas now without economic loss or extreme personal inconvenience “would probably gain advantages though being pioneers in new resettlement district[s].”

Those unable to leave at once were urged to continue their faming operaions “ as the best possible evidence of their loyalty to this country.”

A review of the entire situation was to be given from 5:15 to 5:30 this afternoon over KPO, KGO, KQW and KFRC by Tom C. Clark, civilian alien enemy control co-ordinator, working with General DeWitt.

WASINGTON, March 7.—Rep. Carl Hinshaw (R., Cal.) told the House today the Administration must act speedily to evacuate all enemy aliens from the West Coast in preparation for “a major attack” by the Japanese on Hawaii with sabotage on the Pacific Coast.

“Word has come to us the Japanese timetable will bring the second phase of their plans into action about April 15,” Rep. Hinshaw said. “This includes a major attack on Hawaii, and the commencement of sabotage action on the West Coast, in preparation for events to follow.

“If our administrative officials do not get down to quick action to evacuate all Japanese and all other enemy aliens immediately — They may, by inaction, have committeed so great a sin that even history may never forgive them.”

The San Francisco News
March 7, 1942

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