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State Japs Send Funds to Aid Nippon War Chest

By United Press

LOS ANGELES, March 26.—The Assembly committee investigating un-American activities was told today that large sums of money were collected among California Japanese and turned over to Japanese Consulates.

Toki Slocum, Japanese veteran of the AEF, told Assemblyman Jack B. Tenney’s committee that money thus collected eventually found its way to Tokio to aid the Nippon war effort.

The witness described his efforts in creating an anti-Axis committee in the Japanese-American [Citizens] League, and of counter-attempts of foreign born Japanese to control California’s “Little Tokios” and Japanese organizations.

Japanese language schools, he said, were centers of subversive teaching.

“The Japanese school teachers and other leaders of that group,” he said, “had the brazen effrontery to try to operate classes even after Pearl Harbor, although their text books were un-American and they taught the Mikado’s ideology.

“We opposed continued operation of these schools and gave the FBI facts and names of the leaders. I believe they are all in internment camps now.”

Slocum denied charges made by Councilman Roy Hampton that he gave money to George Knox Roth, former council candidate, to finance radio speeches criticizing Japanese evacuation plans.

Roth faces a Municipal Court contempt action because he refused to give names of Japanese who contributed $510 toward the broadcasts.

The San Francisco News
March 26, 1942

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