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3000 More Los Angeles Japs to Be Sent to Manzanar Center

Orders directing the evacuation of approximately 3000 Japanese from Los Angeles County to the Manzanar Reception Center in Owens Valley were issued by Lieut. Gen. J.L. DeWitt today.

This evacuation, to take place between April 20 and April 28, will bring a total of more than 6000 the Japanese placed in Owens Valley, according to Army officials.

Army instructions to evacuees direct a responsible person for each family and any individual living alone to report to a Civil Control Station in his district to receive instructions and assistance in the settlement of his affairs.

Lieut. Col. Martin F. Hass is in charge of the evacuation movement.

Army Transportation

Colonel Hass declared that the movement of evacuees will be made by bus and train only and that all arrangements for transportation will be made by the Army. He said that each Japanese will be subject to medical examination at the Civil Control Station.

In San Francisco, meanwhile, while the Wartime Civil Control Administration was empowered to freeze and operate Japanese farm lands in the Pacific Coast war zone—a move designed to speed up transfer of Japanese-held crop lands to resident producers— a state department officer was under fire for failure to co-operate in the program to dismiss Japanese Americans from civil service jobs.

A.R. Albouze, executive director of the State Department of Social Welfare, was charged by E.H. Christian, member of the State Personnel Board, with having refused to assist board investigators in serving notices of dismissal on Japanese employes in the department without first consulting his superior, Director Martha Chickering.

Hints Girls Favored

Mr. Christian also hinted that Mr. Albouze favored Japanese girls in his department in the granting of leaves, vacations and time off.

Mr. Albouze denied the charges, and said he was under instructions to report impending dismissals of Japanese in his department with Director Chickering before taking action.

No formal charge was brought against Mr. Albouze.

Named Administrator

Named administrator of the WCCA’s Japanese Farm land freezing program was Lawrence I. Hewes Jr., chief of the agency’s agricultural division and regional director of the Farm Security Administration.

Power to freeze the lands and crops was granted wherever crop losses are threatened. Property thus affected will be temporarily operated by the FSA until disposed of.

All prospective evacuees were cautioned to remain at their jobs, but be prepared to leave on short notice.

San Francisco News
April 18, 1942

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