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Japanese Evacuation from S.F. Speeded

Evacuation of Japanese from Bay Area and other Pacific Coast zones to assembly centers preparatory to transfer to resettlement centers by the Wartime Civil Control Administration under Army orders today assumed large proportions as the flow of Japanese out of the zones continued. The FBI office here reported at the same time the widespread series of searches and raids in 24 cities and towns in Northern California yesterday had netted a total of 24 “potentially dangerous” aliens and some contraband articles.

Approximately 700 San Francisco and East Bay Japanese awakened in their new quarters at the Tanforan race track this morning and were at work most of the day preparing for the remainder to be assembled at the center.

Six hundred additional Japanese were scheduled to be transferred to Tanforan today from San Francisco and the East bay, 900 more tomorrow and 900 Friday, completing the first “zone clearance” under Army orders.

The evacuation coincided with the big-scale raids by FBI and local officers which blanketed the area from Monterey to north of Sacramento.

At Tanforan, the Japanese are living in newly constructed “bungalows,” in dormitories in the clubhouse and in apartments in the renovated stables. A special Postoffice branch of the San Bruno office was established today for the mail of the Japanese.

Concerning farm land left vacant by the evacuation of Japanese, the Wartime Civil Control Administration announced that nearly 43,000 acres are still available for new operators. The WCCA warned that crops on 21 per cent of the total acreage subject to evacuation may be lost if substitute operators are not found soon. In the Seattle area, only 23.4 per cent of the registered acreage has been transferred, the WCCA said.

San Francisco News
April 29, 1942

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