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Two Steps Speed Alien Evacuation

Two new steps to speed up the voluntary evacuation of alien and American-born Japanese from the Pacific Coast military area were announced today by the Wartime Civil Control Administration of the Western Defense Command and Fourth Army. In 64 communities, in the three Pacific Coast states and Arizona, services centers were opened to expedite the handling of property, crops, personal effects and personal problems of members of the Japanese race. The San Francisco office is at 500 California-st. Offices in smaller cities are with the U.S. Employment Service offices.

One phase of the property cleanup was the announcement by the Farm Security Administration of a plan for continuing full production on agricultural lands to be evacuated.

50 Field Agents

Fifty field agents will help work out the program from offices in U.S. Employment Service offices in Oregon, Washington, California and Arizona.

Lawrence J. Hewes Jr., regional director of the FSA, will supervise the program, aided by Ralph W. Hollenberg, FSA assistant regional director, and William C. Helvey, chief of the program.

The field agents are under instructions to contact Japanese and other farmers who are evacuating the military areas, bring them together with qualified farmers capable of taking over their land and referee fair arrangements between the two.

“Our field agents will see that the Japanese are able to make a fair disposition of their land, and we will see that maximum production of war crops is guaranteed by the new operator,” Mr. Hewes said. “We’re going down the line to see that this applies to arrangements with landlords, lien holders, produce buyers, contractors and others.”

San Francisco News
March 17, 1942

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