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Offices were set up and preparations under way today to handle the evacuation of enemy aliens and American-born Japanese from the Pacific Coast as the Wartime Civil Control Administration completed its organization.

Removal orders were expected as soon as branch offices in West Coast cities are opened. Leaders in the evacuation program met here yesterday to speed its operation.

Tom C. Clark, chief of the WCCA civilian staff, said evacuees will be sent first to reception centers in Owens Valley and near Blythe on the Colorado River.

The WCCA will offer the combined services of all Government agencies to assist Japanese in winding up their affairs before going to settlement centers.

Warned of ‘Panic’

“Japanese are invited to take advantage of these services,” said Mr. Clark. “They should not allow themselves to be victimized by any one trying to panic them into forced sale of property.”

Evacuees Protected

Coincident with announcement of the establishment of the WCCA offices, headquarters of the Fourth Army announced that the Government is keeping close watch of persons having business dealings with Japanese or Japanese-Americans to insure that no advantage is taken of the evacuees.

All persons forced to move from coastal and restricted areas will be protected by the Government, it was announced. Fourth Army officials said there was no need for evacuees to hire special representatives and that even if such were hired it would be necessary for the evacuee to appear in person in any dealings with the Government.

“Anyone found taking advantage of these people will be prosecuted,” the announcement said. “Anyone hearing of such action should report it to authorities.”

Dr. Monroe Deutsch, vice president of University of California, said he believed enemy aliens and Japanese-Americans attending the university would be permitted to complete the present semester before they are removed by the Army from the coastal area.

The present semester ends May 28. The university, within the exclusion zone, has 430 enemy aliens and Japanese-Americans registered.

San Francisco News
March 16, 1942

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