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Letter to the Editor:

Japanese Have Faith

EDITOR: In answer to “Why Discriminate?” by P.R. Roberts: Yes, the real basis of the evacuation order is racial prejudice against the Japanese. The one and only objective facing the United Nations is victory. Any and all measures must be taken to prevent disunity and to insure an all-out effort for victory.

Because of racial prejudice against the Japanese, their presence on the Pacific Coast is a cause of disunity among the populace of the Coast. In the event of an attempted invasion, it is without a doubt that mob violence would be unleashed against the entire Japanese population. If the Army had to contend with this internal strife as well as the enemy invasion, it would not be able to fully defend our country.

Therefore, it is necessary to remove this hindrance to an all-out effort, the presence of Japanese inhabitants on the Coast, before such an emergency. Hence, the complete evacuation of Japanese. Danger from Japanese sabotage is secondary.

As their small contribution to the war effort, the Japanese will gladly leave their homes, businesses and careers, and, having the utmost faith in America, will place their lives in the hands of the United States Government.

The reason for this racial prejudice is the unthinking, intolerant majority of “Americans,” stirred up by individuals and groups with selfish interests. Among these individuals are those who have had to compete against the hard-working, earnest Japanese farmers and nurserymen, and “Yellow-Peril” politicians, as those responsible for the alien land laws. (If the Japanese lowered the standard of living of the farmers, they could have been stopped by more fair ways than the alien land laws.)

And so for ultimate victory and a greater America.

George Ishida, Japanese American

San Francisco News
April 13, 1942

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