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Japanese Co-operate

An Editorial

Japanese citizens, aliens and native born alike, have, on the whole, taken their evacuation orders in good spirit and for that they deserve a word of praise.

Particularly commendable has been the helpful attitude of the younger group, practically all of whom are Americans by birth. They are in a position to assert rights guaranteed them by the Constitution, but with most sensible unanimity they have recognized that certain privileges must be suspended in times of national danger. That, we frankly admit, reflects a high order of intelligence on their part.

They apparently sense also that the Federal Government is making every effort to perform the evacuation with least possible discomfort to the evacuees. By fostering this helpful attitude within their own groups they can do much to make the whole experience an interesting and perhaps not too arduous interlude in the lives of all concerned.

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The San Francisco News
April 8, 1942

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