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German Native Held for Curfew Violation

Four Bay Area alien enemies today were in custody of the FBI, three as “potentially dangerous” and one for violation of the alien curfew law.

John Hagan, 57, a chauffeur, was arrested late last night by local FBI agents on Turk-st for being on the streets after the curfew hour. Hagen, born in Germany, gave his address as 78 Westwood-dr.

Federal agents also arrested Mariano Gugno of 170 Pfeiffer-st, an employe of the American Smelting and Refining Co. Gugno was said to be an active member of the Fascist Party and a veteran of the Italian Army.

In Oakland, Federal agents arrested Asaemon Muramoto, 4535 Grove-st, found listening to a short wave radio set, and Hans George Hansen, 1698 73rd-st. Hansen, a veteran of the German Army, has been prominent in East Bay German circles and had solicited members for the Bund, authorities said.

Meanwhile the Federal War Relocation authority announced selection of a 7000-acre tract on the Gila Indian Reservation in Arizona as the third resettlement area for evacuating 120,000 Japanese from the Pacific Coast defense zone.

Officials of the Wartime Civil Control Administration, in charge of the evacuation, again cautioned Japanese not yet moved to make all preparations at once for closing their affairs prior to movement to an assembly center.

Federal Farm Security Administration announced new regulations to assure fair disposal and continued production of Japanese farmlands being evacuated on the West Coast to permit temporary Federal freezing and operation of such farms.

San Francisco News
April 17, 1942

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