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Demolition of the block bounded by Second, Stillman, Third and Perry streets, during mid-September 1935. This view shows Second Street, from Stillman (right) to Perry. The George W. Caswell coffee warehouse, and an adjoining structure are gone.

The viaduct ripped out six blocks of San Francisco’s South of Market district, in the area now called Multimedia Gulch.

The three-story, concrete building on the right, at the corner of Second and Stillman streets, survives, and in 1997 housed Ted Glenwright’s Slip.Net Internet service provider.

Though many of the buildings appear old, all were built following the 1906 earthquake 29 years earlier. The Schmidt Lithography Co. clock tower still stands, though significantly remodeled, on Second Street.

Stillman Street was named Silver Street before the Great Earthquake and Fire, and this vacant block was, in the 19th century, home to the first free kindergarten on the West Coast, established by Kate Douglas Wiggin.

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