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There is no business in which absolute and unfaltering system is more necessary than in the telephone service. Take, as an illustration, the exactions of the Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company, in this city. This company employs 200 girls in San Francisco, has more than eleven thousand subscribers in the city, and twenty-five thousand connections throughout the State. It thus may be seen how absolutely necessary it is to do everything in the most systematic manner possible. There is no lost time, and the operators, thoroughly trained in their duties, the whole vast system is set in motion and revolves as a piece of well-oiled machinery.

advertisement for Western Electric telephone booth serviceThe advance in telephonic service has kept pace with electrical uses and appliances in other fields of human utility. The service that was up-to-date yesterday is today superseded by a more perfect instrument and greater convenience to the patron. The Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company is constantly making these changes and additions, and is making more effective and time-saving the system in use.

General and necessary as the telephone, there are many who employ it daily who know comparatively little of its operation. It is a popular fallacy to suppose that employé over hears what may be passing over the line between subscribers. The operator is constantly engaged in answering calls and making connections. All her time is absorbed from the moment she takes her seat until she is relieved. She is on the alert continually, and her mind and eyes are intent on the switch-board before her.

For the convenience of the subscribers who may desire to ascertain numbers that have been changed, or have not yet been entered into the directory "600" is maintained. Through "600" all information is promptly furnished. "Sunset" is another branch of the service, and has charge of the long-distance lines. Here material improvement has been made. Where formerly there were delays and annoyances in making the connections, under the "code" now in use the subscribers in San Francisco and the subscriber in San Jose, Los Angeles or Red Bluff are brought into communication almost immediately. Improvements mark the history of the company, and its long-distance service throughout the State is being rapidly extended. In many cases its lines are in advance of actual requirements, and are extended into sections where the company will maintain its service for some time before it can hope for reasonable interest on the money invested and the current costs.

On and after January 1st a new residence rate will go into effect, and individual service on one pair of lines long distance telephone, either portable stand or wall-set, will be furnished at $5.50 per month, and no charges for switching.

San Francisco News Letter
Christmas Number, 1897

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