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One of the most important of San Francisco's great institutions is the San Francisco Gaslight Company, whose equipment, plant and utilities are the largest of all the lighting companies west of the Missouri river. This company, during the year, moved into its handsome property on Post street near Powell, where its offices are now located. the manufacturing department is located at the foot of Laguna street, and having sufficient water front and dock privileges to permit the largest vessels to lie at its wharves. At that place also are the big petroleum tank and retort house located. The company has really a double plant–the one at the pointed named, and another–an older one–at the Potrero.

This large expenditure was made in order that in case of the destruction of one of these plants, the other would afford all the service the company's patrons would require. The efforts of the company have always been to furnish to private individuals and the city the best quality of illuminating gas possible and at the lowest cost. That this had been done the excellent quality of the gas furnished, and the low rate of interest paid to the stockholders, readily attest.

The use of this illuminant has steadily increased, and gas is now largely employed for cooking as well as lighting purposes. It is much better than coal for the culinary department, because it is always ready, is clean, and is a great deal more economical, for the company make its cost as low as possible. The large and steady increase of gas for this purpose demonstrates the wisdom of this policy–4 per cent is a very low rate of interest on an investment of this character, and yet this is about the average earnings of the San Francisco Gaslight Company.

This company is progressive, and is constantly extending its mains and increasing its service–often going to heavy expense in order that remote districts may have the benefit and convenience of its lights long before any return can be expected. It is progressive, and in its courteous attention to the wants of its customers, the quality of service rendered, and determination to give the best light and best possible for the least money, are seen [as] evidences of a liberal and just policy toward all.

The San Francisco Gaslight Company is not only one of the largest of the corporations doing business in this city, but, as well, one of the most progressive and useful.

The Company has a full line of gas, cooking, and heating stoves, ranges, broilers, and gas grates for private, hotel, and restaurant use, with water backs complete. A large number of these gas heaters are in use, and information concerning them will be cheerfully given at the Gas Stove Department, 226 Post Street.

San Francisco News Letter
Christmas Number, 1897

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