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The First Mining Journal of the Pacific Coast

The publication of the Mining and Scientific Press was originally undertaken by Messrs. George H. Winslow & Co., the first number appearing May 24th 1860. It was subsequently conducted by J. Silversmith. In October, 1862, Mr. Warren B. Ewer purchased the entire office, and, as editor and proprietor, conducted the journal until January 1st, 1863, at which time he disposed of one-half interest to Mr. C.W.M. Smith, and the firm of Ewer & Smith continued to the 1st of December, 1863, when Mr. Alfred T. Dewey became interested in the business, and the firm changed to DEWEY & Co. On the 2nd of January, 1864, the Press appeared in a "new dress," enlarged to sixteen pages, just double its former proportions, which important improvement secured for it a high degree of favor and increased consideration, and its subscription and advertising patronage has since constantly increased among the sterling members of the mining and mechanical community of this coast. Again, on the commencement of the present volume No. IX., its pages have been enlarged, and now contain sixty-four columns.

The need of a first class journal devoted especially to the encouragement of practical scientific industry, in San Francisco, is apparent. No persons are more fully aware of this fact than the Publishers of the Press, who have determined to devote all their energies to the production of a journal every way worthy of its position, and in harmony with the advancing spirit of the times.

The PATENT AGENCY of the Mining and Scientific Press has been signalized with remarkable success during the past two years. The importance to the inventive genius of this coast of a thorough and reliable agency for the solicitation of LETTERS PATENT from the United States and foreign Governments cannot be over-rated, and the Proprietors of the Press, feeling the responsibility which rests upon them, and the reward which must naturally follow the faithful performance of their trusts, will take care to afford inventors every advantage to be secured to them through a competent and responsible agency upon this coast.

July 1st, 1864

In: San Francisco business directory and mercantile guide for 1864-65 : A general business directory for all persons throughout this state; also, oregon, nevada territory and Mexico / Pub. by B.F. Stilwell & Co. San Francisco : Agnew & Deffebach, 1864.