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Governor Merriam's official proclamation activating the National Guard.

Whereas, there exists in the City and County of San Francisco a state of tumult, riot and other emergencies, or imminent danger thereof, and there is present therein tumultuous, riotous and unlawful assemblies with intent to do violence to persons and property therein, and to resist the laws of the State of California and of the United States of America:

Now, therefore, I, Frank F. Merriam, governor of the state of California, and by virtue thereof commander-in-chief of the militia of the state of California, do hereby call and order and authorize the adjutant general of the state of California to forthwith call and order into active service such portion of the active militia of the state as may be necessary to protect life and property and to maintain peace and order in said city and county and said adjutant general is hereby authorized and ordered to forthwith take such action or actions as may be necessary for the protection and preservation of life and property and the maintenance of peace and order in said city and county.

The adjutant general will provide all transportation and services and furnish all rations and other supplies necessary for the proper performance of the duties hereby authorized and ordered, and for each and all such purposes I do hereby suspend all provisions of the laws of the state of California which require advertisements for bids for purchases of supplies or employment of services.

This proclamation to be and is continued in force uninterruptedly until revoked by me as governor of the state of California.

Frank F. Merriam

July 5, 1934

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