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Mayor Rossi's letter to Gov. Merriam, requesting
additional National Guardsmen for San Francisco.

Due to the general strike declared in San Francisco, movement of merchandise and food products has practically ceased and transportation facilities diminished. By Monday morning [July 16, 1934] practically no transportation facilities will exist for the accommodation of the people of San Francisco. By midnight tonight eating houses and food stores furnishing food supplies will be closed and tomorrow the large majority of business institutions in San Francisco will be unable to operate.

Because of this situation the commercial life of San Francisco will in a large measure be paralyzed. Conditions such as these have a tendency to and frequently bred tumult, riots, law infractions and disorders.

Thus far the police authorities of San Francisco, with the assistance of the state militia now detailed for service on the Embarcadero, have been able to maintain law and order, but because of the situation above described I am advised by the chief of police that it is feared they will be unable longer to compel obedience to the law.

The inability of the constituted authorities to cope with the situation will probably be emphasized when the normal business life of San Francisco is attempted to be resumed, which resumption will be essential if its people are to be supplied with the necessities of life and accorded the right and opportunity of pursuing their legitimate vocations.

I am convinced that the situation above described is largely due to the efforts and activities of Communists who have no regard for our American form of government and are desirous of breaking down and destroying law observance.

Due to the activity of this particular class of persons, unlawful and riotous assembly exists in the city and county of San Francisco with intent to offer violence to persons and property therein.

To prevent tumult and riots as well as lawlessness and disorder and give adequate protection to the lives and property of the citizens of San Francisco, as mayor of San Francisco I am requesting you to send into our city such additional units of the California National Guard as may be essential for that purpose.

Angelo J. Rossi
Mayor, City and County of San Francisco
July 14, 1934

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