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Wreck of the Southern Pacific Hospital at 14th and Mission streets.

Wreck of the Southern Pacific Company Hospital

Burnt and dynamited shell of the hospital on the southwest corner of Fourteenth and Mission streets.

Reporter James Hopper went to the hospital shortly after the earthquake, and wrote, “Carts, trucks, express wagons, vehicles of all kinds laden with wounded, were blocking the gates. Upon the porch stood two interns, and their white aprons were red-spotted as those of butchers. There were 125 wounded inside and eight dead. Among the wounded was Chief [Dennis T.] Sullivan of the Fire Department... .”

Wounded from the hospital were evacuated as the Great Fire swept into the Mission District, and the building was dynamited in a futile attempt to stop the onrushing conflagration. Chief Sullivan was taken to the Army hospital at the Presidio where he later died from his terrible injuries.

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