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Roof-Seats For Street Cars

As the over-crowding of our street-cars has been a grave cause of complaint ever since they began to run in the city, it seems strange that it has never occurred to any of the companies to place seats on the tops of the cars, as is done in other places. If this were done, and a law made forbidding cars to carry more passengers than they could seat, the convenience to the public would be greatly enhanced, and the companies would lose nothing by the innovation. There would be no more corn-crushing or rising to accommodate ladies within the car, and no more blowing of smoke into ladies’ faces on the platforms. If the system of roof-seats is found satisfactory in London, Paris and New York, where rain or snow prevail all the year round, how much more suitable would it be to the warm climate of San Francisco, where we may depend on six months at least of dry weather? We strongly recommend the car companies to give this matter their attention.

San Francisco News Letter and California Advertiser
June 4, 1881