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Potentialities of the Cliff

Last Sunday the terrace on the rocks beneath the Cliff House was thrown open to the public, and the public availed itself of the privilege. That terrace, by the way, may be extended all along the cliff as far as the Sutro baths. Behind and below the shacks that now extend from the Cliff House to the baths is a broad stretch of unoccupied ground high above the roaring surf, all of which might be used to good purpose, and I hear that it is likely to be so used. There is room for a great deal of enterprise in the neighborhood of the Cliff House, enterprise of the kind that has proved very profitable at several resorts near Los Angeles and exceedingly beneficial to that city. San Francisco has nothing akin to Long Beach or Venice, but it has a site unsurpassed in the world for just such attractions as have made a visit to Los Angeles worthwhile. And now that Roy Carruthers is managing the Cliff House we may look forward to manifestations of the right kind of enterprise in that neighborhood. He has already infused new life into the place. It was he that admitted the public to the terrace free of charge. He has just finished a new wing where men may smoke and sip refreshments and look at the seals. He has dancing at the Cliff House every night, and now he is talking of having a tea garden in a glass house alongside the terrace.

The Spectator
Town Talk The Pacific Weekly
June 8, 1912