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 “Literary Bob” to Resign

“Literary Bob” Curtin, the only detective on the San Francisco police force who ever wrote his reports in verse, is going to quit the department.

He has decided to surrender his star and baton and to go to his ranch in the country. Before long he expects to don the khaki and take up arms to defeat autocracy.

“Literary Bob” is a brother of Senator Curtin. It was several years ago that he won the sobriquet by which he has since been known.

He had been patrolling a beat for years when suddenly he was called into the “upper office” and made a detective. He had not investigated many cases before he conceived the idea of reporting his cases to the captain in verse.

His report in rhyme was an investigation of a suicide and the newspapers published it in full.

That gave Curtin encouragement and he followed with all of his reports in verse. It was not long before some newspaperman dubbed him “Literary Bob” and as such he has been since, even though he went back to patrol duty sometime ago.

But now “Literary Bob” is anxious to enter the country’s service and he has tendered his resignation to the Police Commission and he is ready to discard his uniform for one of khaki and change his club for a gun.

The Scout
October 12, 1918