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N-Judah car enters East Portal of Duboce TunnelThe first car of the new municipal carline through the Duboce tunnel is scheduled to run October 14, when a general celebration will be held in connection with the dedicatory ceremonies.

L.L. Sanford, chairman of the executive committee of the Sunset-Parkside tunnel celebration, yesterday appointed sub-committees to take charge of arrangements.

The first cars will start from the Ferry building and run out Market street to Duboce, through the tunnel and on to the beach where bands of music and speakers will commemorate the opening of the long-awaited carline to the Sunset-Parkside district. The speakers' stand will be erected at the loop where Judah street joins the esplanade on the ocean beach.

Arrangements for the celebration are being made under the auspices of the Sunset-Parkside District, Inc. of which Dr. J.M. Toner is head, and associated organizations in the district.

Committee chairmen appointed were: John J. Calish, finance; Julius Berendsen, decorations; Carl Maritzen, entertainment; Kenneth H. Smitten, transportation; Mrs. Minnie White, general reception; Mrs. M.A. Stanton, ladies reception, and John Courter, publicity.

San Francisco Chronicle
September 3, 1928

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