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San Francisco Call advertisement urging businessmen to send in advertising matter for Dewey special editionWith the patriotic impulses aroused by the celebration of Independence day, there will come a new ardor of public sentiment in favor of the movement for the erection of a monument to Admiral Dewey. The sum already raised is sufficient to attest the earnestness of the people in promoting the enterprise and virtually assures its success, so that it is with confident in the outcome each citizen may in proportion to his means make his contribution to the monument fund.

Since the establishment of the American Union each successive generation has accomplished some great work of national development and produced a hero of immortal memory. After Washington and the Revolution came the War of 1812 and Andrew Jackson. The controversy over the slave question precipitated the Civil War and brought to the front the heroic military figure of General Grant. Our generation has fought the war that has broken down the last vestige of Spanish domination in this hemisphere, raised the republic to the prestige of a world power and furnished another hero to our annals in the person of Admiral Dewey. The fame and the deeds of Washington, Jackson and Grant have been fitly commemorated in monumental art, and it is now for us to give an equal expression to the gratitude of the people to the hero of Manila Bay.

Almost every large city in the United States now boasts some conspicuous accomplishment in the way of monumental construction. We are rapidly approaching the time when our cities will be as rich in artistic achievements and historic memorials as those of the Old World. California should keep pace with the progress of her sister States in this respect. It is right and fitting that the chief monument to Dewey should stand in this city, and it is appropriate that it should be erected while the glory of his victory is still fresh in the minds of men.

One of the best ways to give your patriotism expression in permanent form is to make a liberal contribution to the Dewey monument fund. A subscription may not make as much noise as a firecracker, but the glory of it will last longer.

No display of fireworks arranged by the Fourth of July committee will blaze more conspicuously in the public eye than the display it has made of the imperative need of men of genuine patriotism and true honesty to compose such a committee.

The San Francisco Call
July 3, 1899

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