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Headquarters Second Provisional Brigade, N.G.C.
San Francisco, Cal., April 28th, 1906.

The Assistant Adjutant General
2nd Provisional Brigade, N.G.C.
San Francisco, California.

I have the honor to report that pursuant to your order, and immediately upon receipt from you of the letter of April 28th, signed by General Lauck, Adjutant-General, N.G.C., I proceeded to Portsmouth Square and there interviewed Colonel M[arion]. P. Maus, commanding 20th Regiment Infantry, United States Army.

Colonel Maus informed me that within the last three days between fifteen and twenty members of the National Guard of California had been arrested by the sentries of his regiment for looting in the burned district, principally in Chinatown; that some had been turned loose and others had been sent back to their commanding officers in custody. Colonel Maus stated that all but two of those arrested were members of the First Provisional Brigade, the largest number being from Company "D", 7th Infantry, and the next largest number from the companies of the 5th Infantry stationed in Alameda. But two of those arrested were members of the Second Provisional Brigade and these were sent to their company commanders in charge of a Sergeant, they belonging to Company "D" 6th Infantry.

Colonel Maus further stated that many of these men had rifles and ammunition belts, and others had pistols and others had bayonets, and that they frequently threaten to make resistance when ordered by the sentries of the 20th Infantry to desist looting. Colonel Maus also stated that many respectably dressed women were also digging in the ruins and said to the sentries, when ordered to desist, that the soldiers had told them that this was a good time to loot.

Colonel Maus recommended that the members of the First Provisional Brigade be denied permission to cross the Bay to San Francisco, and that, if possible, persons going to the eastern side of the Bay on the ferry boats having with them articles which are clearly loot should have these taken away from them.

I requested Colonel Maus that in the future members of the National Guard of California, being apprehended in the act of looting be placed in the guard house of the 20th Infantry, and that the commanders of their respective brigades be notified at his earliest convenience.

Very respectfully,

(Signed) William P. Humphreys
Major and Judge Advocate,
2nd Prov. Brig., N.G.C.

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