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San Francisco Daily News’ April 18th Edition

The San Franciso Daily News was the only newspaper to publish on April 18. Clearly, from writing and editing to manual typesetting, it was a rushed and hurried job, and there were substantive factual errors. Seventh and Valencia streets, as an example, do not intersect, but, for the most part, the information contained in the newspaper was later validated by researchers. For the record, Seventeenth and Valencia do intersect, and it was one block from the ill-fated Valencia Hotel where some of the worst earthquake damage occurred.

The Daily News’ plant, downtown, lost power and water in the earthquake, and moved to J.V. Rooney’s small printing shop at 1308 Mission Street, where this edition was turned out on a hand-cranked press capable of printing single sheets. New editions were printed until the shop was ordered evacuated because it was to be dynamited.

front page of the San Francisco Daily News for April 18, 1906

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